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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

So - Are we ready for 2012 yet?

So - having tried to help out with the mission to rid London and Brighton of their beer, I´m back in Rio!

It was wierd to arrive again - especially now that this home from home is very much our story that needs to be continued. I spose we don´t know what we´re acutually going to be doing this time next year, but for the moment at least we´re here and loving it.

I tried (and failed probably) not to be a bore about our new life - I tried (and failed again) not to moan about being bloody freezing all the time. I didn´t try (or I would have failed) to not miss the missus. And I certainly didn´t need to try and think about our growing Familily life in Brazil at every bleedin waking moment. Soft bastard.

Seriously, I can see why Brazilians quite often applaud as they touch down back in their Latin American Blightly. I felt like whooping and hollering myself.

So. I´m back for the duration, and as such I need to:

  • Speak this infernal language properly.
  • Join a Brasilian band.
  • Go in the sea at least once a week.
  • Do something worthwhile and sustainable in a poorer community.
  • Drink shitloads of beer.
Right. Best get started.
you´ve any other must-do ideas for the list, then lemme know!

Try one of these....

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