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Monday, 9 April 2012

Reasons to feel like a cheerful Carioca. Part 1.

We have houseguests again! - Always a welcome diversion and a chance to rediscover this and that. I don´t reckon I´ll ever tire of nipping up Pão de Açúcar. This lastest time included a sunset that I´ll remember for a while!

Anyhow - when people visit and I have to work, I try took line them up with a few bits and bobs to supplement what the Lonely Planet has to offer. And this time I`ve noticed that I`m actually starting to develop a slightly more natural rapport with this cidade maravilhosa. This in turn makes me feel like I actually (and only occasionally) know what I'm doing.

  1. I know bus numbers.
  2.  I know where to peep out of the cab window to grab a cheeky view.
  3. I have first hand experience of at least a dozen conveyors of pork sandwiches.
  4.  I have a carioca card. (though I don't really know why)
  5.  I drink coffee sold from the back of some bloke`s car.
  6. I don't notice that the bus driver seems to be posessed by the devil anymore.
  7. I read the paper on the metro. (well.... I actually only read the easy bits)
  8. I'm developing a creative sense of timekeeping. (not sure if this is a good thing)
  9. I've started folding all my money into a big wedge that actually amounts to very little.
  10. I've used my credit card to buy a coffee.
  11. I've sat on a bench outside a restaurant queing to get in.
  12. I've worn outlandish fancy dress in public.
  13. I'm developing a tolerance for beer beyond my wildest dreams.
  14. I sometimes find myself eating a piece of toast with a napkin.
  15. I eat feijao in the pub with my 2 year old.
Now  - I know these are small moves - and I know that I'll forever be a big tall 'rob me' gringo - but for the moment at least, I feel like I've turned a corner. Get in.

(still reckon it'll be a while before I go to the supermarket in a pair of swimming trolleys though)

Try one of these....

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