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Sunday, 11 March 2012 now really is the time to quote the clash....

So I've seriously neglected my urge to regail anyone who's listening. But honestly, it's been mental.

I'm sat in a boozer inAngel, London, fondly remembering the last time I was here just after the bolts had been removed from my jaw injury. I'm freeezing and missing our Copa bolthole, although the beer is bloody wonderful. Here begins a week of music education that will hopefully shape the next couple of years. If you fancy a beer gis a shout!

So, safe in the knowledge that Harry's visit to my new home is right royally flying the flag, I'm off for a curry.

And the question that must be on all ex-pats minds from time to time is well and truly on ours.

Should we stay (in Rio) or should we go?

Try one of these....

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