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Friday, 2 December 2011

I like to ride my bright orange bicycle.....

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For a good number of weeks now, there have been a growing number of bright orange bike stations appear around the town. I heard a rumour, that they'd tried it before and they all got nicked. Well, they're definitely trying it again.

A Rio Cyle track - right in the middle of the bloody road. Nice.

Much like the Boris (and Barclays) Bikes of London - I like that the bank that did so little for the man on London's streets is now charging hime for a two-wheeled tour - Itau is now sponsoring a fleet of bright orange, six-speed beauties for the man (or woman) on Rio's streets to go out and get mangled in the traffic.

Its astonishingly good value at R$10 per month if you prepay by card. Just rock up at the station and call the number from your mobile. Type in the bike's number and it will be magically unlocked from afar. Now dive into the traffic and have an hour's dicing with death.

When you're done, just return the bike to any of the stations dotted around town. (you have to pay an extra R$5 if you go over an hour)

Simple eh? Its gonna be the Amsterdam of Latin America. Maybe.

Back in Brighton, there's an anual naked bike ride - maybe that might manage to make the traffic at least slow down a bit - what do you think?

Try one of these....

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