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Friday, 18 November 2011

Everybody Cut!

My job has always been a giggle- even if there are times when I wonder if it's helping me to descend gradually into insanity. To be honest, I don't think anyone needs a job to do that - if you just relax and let it all wash over you, insanity will surely come.

So, I spend my working day teaching music. I work with bi lingual musical legends and between us we steer bi lingual children through a sea of crochets and quavers, and for the most part we get away with it.

So, as we fast approach our summery Christmas, the heat is on on in every which way. It is, after all, the most musical time of the year.

The older students are performing the musical Footloose. And the band of local musicians we have hired are superb. I get the pleasure of trying to tell them how it all works and they are doing their best to make sense of my shocking Portuguese. I can't believe it's actually working out.

I'm actually having the time of my life - reckon they should have hired Brazilians for the original. It would have been a right laugh.

So here it nearly is - Footloose, a carol service, a couple of gigs, and then we can call it a year.


Location:R. Macedo Sobrinho,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

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