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Friday, 23 December 2011

Those Magnificent Toddlers.....

Well, the end of term is well and truly upon us and already there is so much to tell. - The last event before we headed of into the Bahian sun was the show. Here goes, I'll try and keep this brief.

Our two year old gets stuck into his daily grind like all other two year olds. And when faced with the opportunity of becoming Mr and Mrs Worthington, we naturally could not resist.

So we paid R$140 for the costume and R$30 each for the tickets, dressed him up like he's never been dressed up before and headed on down to the 500 seat theater to bill and coo with all of the other assembled multitude.

The theme? Our little bloke and all of his mates were all Santos Dumont. Their year (pretty much half their lives) together had come to this. All of the trials and tribulations of parties and biting and nits and the shits culminated in a fine display of biggles-like prowess as the animateurs we have come to know over the year pranced about the stage with 10 times more aplomb than their toddling charges!

How did he do? - Well, if you were two and someone dressed you up as the father of Brasilian aviation and then blasted music at you as the curtains opened to a gathered herd of paperazzi, I reckon you might do a pretty good impression of a rabbit in some particularly large headlights.

That's precisely wat he did. Awwwww.

(photo to follow - watch this space!)

If you don't take this off soon, I'm going to go mental....

Try one of these....

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