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Friday, 15 July 2011

Santa Teresa

Blimey - its been a while - and I have so much to bang on about. I've been out and about and neglected to drone on about it. Just in case I someday need to jog my beer ridden memory - here goes with a wonderful morning out we had a couple of days ago.

Grab the Bonde for this one! - And hold on to your hat! - And by Bonde, I mean the 30ish seater street car that goes from Carioca right accross Lapa and up to yet another spectacular vista. Don't reckon I'll ever tire of looking at this place. Oh, and don't worry if there aren't enough seats - it seemed like it was perfectly acceptable to be a complete mentalist and just stand on the running boards, clinging on for dear life - this apparently used to also be the preferred use of the Bonde for the assorted bandits that liked the look of the captive transportees. Ahh, the good old days. Problem is, those days are nearly (but not absolutely) behind us. Best leave the family silver at home.

If you want to give your mother-in-law a souvenir then this is just the ticket. 50 metres up with a proper dodgy fence between you and certain smashed limbs is quite an adrenaline trip. Not to worry though, the views, beers, crafty  pricey hippyesque boutiques will make it all worth while.

Heres a link to the whole heath-robinson boneshaking experience.

Know what. If you only have a day in Rio, do this. It really is something.

Try one of these....

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