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Saturday, 16 July 2011

and this little piggy walked all the way home...

Ipanema Market Av. Visconde de Pirajá, 499 - Lunch of distinction

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Even the furniture looks better than Ian Beal's fruit and veg stall.

Ooooh - what a treat. If you fancy splashing out on a fancy lunch then this might well be the place for you.

We had skewers and mash. Literally a rare treat. Ladies had black risotto and cous cous. The risotto was probably made by the God of rice himself. No kidding. Greg Wallace would have shat his pants.

All accompanied by posh booze and coffee with a teaspoon of fudge on the side. Cute touch I thought.

Not exactly the lunch I could stretch to on a weekly basis, but quite the place to prove you can keep up with the Jones' if that seriously is still your thing.

Now, I may very well have not let him in...

Also, if you need any incentive to get up in the morning - the breakfast menu looks rather spectacular too.

For a more foody revew (or if you simply don't trust me) try here.

Try one of these....

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