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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Gadding about - Arraial do Cabo

This was a slightly warmer day...

The sea at Praia Grange, Arraial de Cabo  reminded me of the time I  swam in the Baltic Sea on a trip around Lithuania. Fortunately now that I am older and wiser, I stopped short of a full-on swim and called it a day once I'd dipped my big toe. Quite enough of that thank you very much. Apparently some feat of nature helped this stretch of water reach -2 degrees earlier in the year. Watching a Carioca take a dip in that would be a sight to behold.

The unusual temperature is explained by uninterrupted stretches of water reaching the south pole, according to Alex, the guy who sorted us out with a cool box full of tinnies. Its also the reason that there are types of fish here not seen elsewhere in Brazil. So There you have it.

Spectacular beach though, by even the snobbiest standards. And its some 50 kilometres long, so you can grab your own private bit of paradise if you don't mind a stroll.

We stayed a couple of nights at the pousada recanto do atalaia - just five minutes from the beach. A real warm welcome - even with a noisy nearly two-year-old. We'd definitely go back, even just to have one more night between the jungle-style sheets. Very Austin Powers.

oh my good grief

Try one of these....

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