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Monday, 27 June 2011

Fight for your right to Paraty

So we went to Paraty this weekend - a mere 260 odd kilometres along the coast. And the coast is pretty spectacular. Every few miles there is some delightful beach or other - You could easily make a day of the journey. Wonderful.

This weekend was the feast of Corpus Christi -  and a long weekend for most of us. We heeded advice and got up at the crack of dawn to hit the road while most of the snoozing Cariocas were still fast asleep. Sound advice indeed - even if getting up in the morning is about as appealing as punching yourself in the face.

Well, as a reward for our commendable early rising, we were rewarded with near-silent road conditions and made our way down to the wonderful historical landmark without incident. Our digs were cool too. We stopped at Mangu´s Posauda - one of about a thousand and one to choose from (although I´m told at peak times you definitely need to book ahead - even if you want to stay somewhere crap.)

I knew one day I´d end up at Magnus again

Our room was just up the stairs.
The historical pedestrianised part of the town is a real gem. Loads of chiq eateries to practice your Portuguese in, and loads of street vendors to make sure you don´t have to walk more than ten feet without a drink in your hand. You´r gonna need one if you want to stay sane pulling a buggy over the confounded cobbles!

Ok - Buggy over cobbles is easier than buggy through the flood...

Try one of these....

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