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Monday, 2 May 2011

Arpoador (where we nearly saw the setting sun)

Ahh, the Setting Sun - one of my favourite Brighton boozers...

Still, I digress...

Now, when I say nearly saw, you know precisely what I mean. We faffed about and  missed it. 

But a school of budding photographers and more than a handful of passers by can't be wrong. 
Arpoador is the area where Copacabana turns into Ipanema, and there are all manner of distractions. The waves here are probably the most impressive within the city and that attracts all manner of dudes. There's a great little extreme shopping mall for roller bladers and boarders of all varieties. The skate park it right at the top of the hill. 

There's beer too, from any number of sellers near posto 7 (also handy if, like me, you're a stickler for tradition and like to go for a wee in an actual loo) to the swanky looking Astor bar just along into Ipanema proper. Good grief, I feel like a one man commercial. 

Most of all though there is the rock, with the shit yourself view of Copacabana in one direction and Ipanaema in the other. Apparently, if you get your act together and turn up on time, the sunset is breathtaking and there's a round of applause as it disappears. 

So stunning, I'm told that it makes one forget the occasional waft of piss. Now that really must be beautiful unmissable moment. 

PS. - Don't hang around too long after the main event. I hear that getting off the rock after dark may well lead to an unwanted rendezvous with someone or other seeking to borrow some cash, or a camera, or both. We vacated the area while it was still pretty buzzy. 

Sometimes it pays to do things on time.
Our boy and Ipanema... almost sounds familiar.

And here's one I stole.

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