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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Shopping Cidade Copacabana

Lovejoy would have loved this.... (click and see if you can still sing along!)

The second floor of the shopping mall at Shopping Cidade Copacabana is a gem. A real find. Its like a glorious step back in time and a trip around a shopping mall just as its meant to be. Not a global label in sight - just shop after shop of delightful chic surprises.

Art lovers, antiques hunters - don't miss out. This is where you should buy something truly groovy to take back with you.

And to think we found it by accident.

The retro spiral ramp in the middle of the mall is a must-see. And the car fumes are free!

Once you get over the feeling of being an extra in 'The Shining' it really is  a top place to browse..

Try one of these....

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