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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Flipflops, and fly.

Have a banana

Ok- we're off back to blighty, and we fly in a jiffy. Quick trip into the chaos to buy flip flops and I'm all set. I have to say I most impressed with this nation that has adopted this most wonderful clothing as its national dress.

So, the shopping took precisely five minutes. Flip flop central is truly a flabbergasting place. There are shops whose only income is to adorn these things. I've even found advice on websites suggesting that wearing them might help stave off the unsavoury mugger types. 

Well, be foolish not to get some them. I even treated myself to a new pair.

Right, typically, I'm cutting it fine. No doubt the next 'what we did in Rio' will be from dear old blighty.

Visa and CPF ahoy! - We're about to become official. I have to say that 2 months without paying tax was smashin'. Best get ready to join the great unwashed again. Who needs an extra 30% of their wedge anyway?

Try one of these....

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