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Friday, 18 March 2011

What We Did In Billericay, and beyond.

Ok- here we are, back in blighty and the question on everybody's lips seems to be - 'so, how is it?'

So, it seems that in a matter of less than 2 months we have become something of an authority on all things Brazilian. Personally, I'm finding it all a little bit embarrassing. Not least because all of our nearest and dearest, who went to such great lengths to give us a belting send off, have barely finished clearing up the mess! And whilst the man's mum can probably do a good job at answering the questions - I just wish I'd been more successful at learning the Language. 'So, how is it?' - Its pretty cool actually.

As for understanding exactly how it works over there, I can safely say, that having had time to reflect, Its more bewildering now than it was when we set off in January. Mind you - even though I'm still largely clueless, I have to say that I still reckon its an exciting way to while away a couple of years of your life.

The Change In Petrol Price Suggested We'd been Away For A Decade...

Well, we're back, all be it for only another 24 hours, and we've been driving here and there doing family, friends, beer, fish and chips, Ikea. And not surprisingly, everything is gloriously familiar and lovely - so thanks one and all for turning out yet again. The plan is to stay away a little longer this time. Or at least until the piss taking petrol prices have taken a U turn so that you don't need to rob a post office so that you can afford to drive to the post box.

I even managed to squeeze in a Brighton trip on Monday, just to prove that no matter how old and sensible you become, a bathful of assorted beers and a bit of sofa surfing are quite often just the ticket. Do I miss the place? - Yeah. Did we do the right thing when we waved adios? - Yeah. Y'know, with each pint of Dark Star Original I got slightly more emotional. Its a good thing I changed to lager when we moved on or I'd have become a jibbering wreck.

The Glorious Evening Star - Be careful in there

The visa process continues - this time at the consulate just off Oxford Street. Very strange to here portuguese wafting around the place - and I have to say I was tempted to buy a 'Salgado' - from one of the women who had turned up to provide the queueing masses with Brazilian sustenance.  This time it was way easier than before. The Visas were ready! - Small matter of getting passport photos for the little man (how come its always him?) and they can be collected today (Friday).

So all that remains is to pack again, and peg it back to Rio. Simples. Would be rude not to squeeze in a curry first...

So, tomorrow brings a BA flight - but during the day this time. Here's hoping that we can entertain the little man for most of the 11 hours.

Try one of these....

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