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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Oi! Stitch That.

Our little lad is a kamikaze fearless warrior with neither fear nor respect for his own well being. Bloody one year olds - I dunno!

Well after the latest installment of Uberaba hospitality, involving swimming, cans, bricks, bats, bottles, knives, guns. (erm, actually it just involved swimming and beer with a couple of meals chucked in), we headed back to the ranch with our host and shortly after that it happened. Our little angel had managed to gain a cut on his hand, and it was time for the doctor. Funny thing was, he thought it was no such time at all. He thought it was lego time and terrorising the dog time and digging up the potted plants time.

Well, our hosts sister is a doctor. So she phoned her. She wasn't sure, so she phoned her husband (also a doctor) - and he nipped round. Stitches definitely needed. Little lad still unconcerned with the river of blood.

Right, pile in the car then and go to A&E. Only, this was A&E for kids, and you know what? I can honestly say it was smashing! - On the case with parking, queing, P's and Q's. No waiting room full of bizarre injuries. No screaming and shouting. No painful love stories unfolding between the pissed and the more pissed. No glassware buried in anybody's face. This place was just the place to get your kid stitched up. If you're ever passing, I suggest you just nip your wee ones in there to get checked out regardless of whether they need sorting or not. We had the choice of a plastic surgeon or a paediatrician and the little fella was being done withing 15 minutes.

(incidentally, we made the right choice - the paediatrician was both very good and also (I might well get bollocked for this) - straight out of 'extremely fantastic-looking doctors weekly' - or something similar. I'm sure of it.

Ok - 3 stitches and a small matter of the bill (R$127) - and we were back in the car. Totally painless (for most of us, anyway.)
Hospital E Maternidade Sao Domingo. Well worth a visit.

This morning our host's sister popped round to check on the wounded soldier. Its always nice to have a doctor in the house. He'll live.

And as for our first call upon the Brazilian health workers?  -- Simple, they rock. Only thing is too many visits, and anything more complicated would have cost a pretty penny. Truth be told - we might have been tempted to do a M*A*S*H style job on him in the car park.

So - better hope that our health plan comes through soon. We applied for it bloody ages ago. Apparently without a CPF it takes a bit longer for it to come through. What a surprise.

Pretty good job I didn't have a pint glass buried in my head then.

How nice. I always think it's nice to have a doctor in the house

Try one of these....

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