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Thursday, 7 June 2012

When it rains....

Corpus Christi 2012

I keep an eye on the weather forecast. I gloat from time to time, especially when I'm drinking in the sun. One thing I don't tend to bang on about is the rain.

Well today was one of those rainy days that reminded me why everything is so green and lush here. It reminded me that many of the streets in town simply don't have drains that can cope in any way. And it reminded me that the intrepid drivers on the newly formed underwater racetrack don't give a shit about taking it slightly easier with the right foot.

Still, at least it gave the hoards of umbrella sellers a chance to rip off a few victims.

So much for a bank holiday Thursday out and about - we spent half the day sheltering in Leblon shopping with the rest of the young and beautiful trendy masses. If you fancy a really expensive (but rather good) burger and chips I can recommend 'the fifties' diner up on the 4th floor.  Cold beer and a what would have been a great view of Christ. The clouds scuppered my gloating photo.

Try one of these....

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