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Monday, 7 May 2012

Dia Das Maes 2012, Chega de Saudades

Mum's the word...

So - I suppose it was only a matter of time before I got the chance to write about the same thing twice - but right here, right now I'm feeling like its about time I put it out there.

Mother's day is not just for mothers. Its for everybody. Its for supermarkets and florists and restaurants and Dads and kids and pets. Difference in Brasil is that, like many celebrations, it comes with a sprinkle more heart on the sleeve.

In a recent beer-fueled verbal ramble with a Brasilian mate, things were getting a somewhat overly philosophical regarding those subtleties of our mother-tongues that go beyond plain words. That's why we have sayings and gestures after all - so that we can communicate with heightened sophistication when emotional gravitas is called for. (and I don´t mean flashing your headlights and indicating with your right hand that the driver in from is inclined to play with himself from time to time).

Anyway. I digress. Our conversation settled for a while on what I reckon might be the most beautiful word of them all. - Saudades. It means to miss. Although when I say that I mean that it means to miss someone (or something) with an inexplicable pang of emotion, the only way to begin to understand, is to have felt yearning so subtle and painful, that words fail to describe it. Every time.

Anyone can have saudades - its not an exclusively pissed up Carioca sentiment. The point is, I suppose that I reckon the Brasilians are the only people who actually have a word to describe what they are.

My little man and his mum will be back from their travels in time for the onslaught of paper roses and cut out love hearts. Right now the dullness in my world and the bubbling excitement in my bones that is stopping me from concentrating might qualify as saudades - I just dunno.

One thing I do know is that losing my Mum 15 years ago, on Dia Das Maes makes me a bit of a miserable bastard around this time of year. But I know the sheer joy she would have felt as she watched her children and grandchildren  grow. Now that kind of knowing I reckon might qualify as saudades. Anyway, enough. I'm off for a pint.

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