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Monday, 10 October 2011

Gay Pride in Copacabana

We wandered down the beach yesterday afternoon with a couple of visitors who were over from London. It was about 11am and things were already hotting up for the Gay Pride parade, due to happen in the afternoon. Clearly many of the revellers were going to make this an entire day on the sauce.....

After lunch things were beyond busy, and everybody was drinking something - quite a few had abandoned decorum altogether and had taken to chugging bacardi straight from the bottle.

The issues seemed to be getting across too, with sexual health stalls and Gay rights pamphleteers doing a grand job. I imagine it only got harder the more wasted people became.

Then the parade passed by - and I have to say that If I ever make it onto one of these mobile sound systems, I'll make sure I smile and wave and dance my ass off (about 50% of the participants seemed to have forgotten that this was their chance! To be honest, it was more fun people watching in the crowd.

And after the parade? An army of a hundred or more orange-clad sweepers, destroying the evidence as fast as it was created.

the orange army......

And as the party goers made their way off the beach in their varying degrees of pissedness, I was once again seriously impressed with the whole-hearted way in which these people properly get on it. I even saw one guy surf the entire length of the banister on the escalator in the metro station. Rock on. I always dreamt of doing something like that.

I love love Copacabana, they really know how to throw a party.

Try one of these....

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