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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Escola de Portas Abertas

It occured to me (or rather it has been pointed out quite a few times lately) that, although my intention is to keep an account of the beautiful way in which our family grows from one day to the next while we are here, painstakingly recounting each precious moment as the minutes become hours and days - I more often than not end up talking about boozing.

So for the next 2 minutes or so, I promise a teeny update on our ongoing family life, focusing, as our family life rightfully does, on our little fella.

On Saturday we went to the Creche´s open day. It was a giggle and a half. We watched our little man sing the songs and do the actions. We watched him run about and play with the hula hoops. We joined him for storytime and watched him stroke the rabbit and goggle at the chameleon.

And most of all we learned that, however groovy the nursery may be, the last place you want to be on a saturday is at the office! - After it was all over we went and bought him a new bucket and spade - and went and played on the beach. (and yep - I got the beers in!!! - Promised I´d only bang on for 2 minutes!)

Ok, you´ve got your picture, lets get out of here, I´m spitting feathers.....

Try one of these....

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