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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Love Jazz?

As part of the roaming international Jazz festival, John Faddis is coming along on Saturday afternoon to brighten up our day. I spend a considerable portion of my life trying to play Trumpet like this wonderful bloke.

If you´ve not heard of him, chances are you´ve heard him. The music on offer here at the moment really blows me away.

Nothing else to do? Go have a listen, its free. Praça dos Correios, 4pm.

Nice hooter. No, really.
The John Faddis gig is a tribute to Miles Davis, which ties in nicely with the "Queremos Miles" exhibition at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil nearby. Much as that mans demise breaks my heart, I can only wonder at how this one man changed music forever. Not that many people did that.

Insert witty caption here

Try one of these....

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