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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Dia dos Pais and an Armed and Dangerous Wind Band...

So its Father's day. Quite cool to get a pat on the back. On Friday I was invited to attend a presentation at the little man's nursery. Every dad turned up, without fail, and watched their toddling bundle of joy prance about the place in a cardboard neck tie, dazed and confused as to what this circle of random blokes was doing. There was cake too, and a packet of screwdrivers for each doting dad.

Just another day at the office...

But the celebrations didn't end there - far from it. On the way home, the police wind band was playing outside of the metro station.  Now, I've played for a good number of musical directors with serious psycopathic issues. But I've never played for anyone who found it necessary to carry a bloody gun while the assembled multitude swayed gently from side to side. The band was actually pretty good. Good job really - nobody likes to see bullet holes in a band member just for the sake of a missed note or two.

Its been reported that batons will be used.
Any questions? Didn't think so..

Try one of these....

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