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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lets have a night to remember...

We we screaming and yelling for the ones on the left,

Not least because It was the first time in my life I've watched two football matches in one evening. I've never really been that fond of the game (i blame the wankers back at primary school... grrr - you  know who you are.) In any case,  there is no denying that in all probability, you're gonna wind up watching it from time to time. Living in Brazil meant that it was only a matter of time.

We have guests at the mo - and one of the things they were keen to do was to go to a game. The only one that worked with their timings was Botafogo vs Avaí.

2 - 1 to the locals! - A result - and the small but enthusiastic crowd went mental. Proper eleven out of ten mental. Both samba bands erupted. Grown men cried. Strangers embraced. This was a mid week league game against a small second from bottom club. Blimey.

No beer allowed inside which was staggering, seeing as it seems to be acceptable to drink it in any other situation whatsoever. Still, never mind - the soft drinks woman may or may not have been willing (for a fee) to spike your pepsi with vodka - I couldn't possibly comment.

Not only water into wine, but also on the bench for the men in red and black...
We watched the Flamengo vs Santos game in Arco Iris Da Lapa - with a decidedly chic young and beautiful and absolutely pissed crowed. Once again the enthusiasm for the match was equal to nothing else I've seen.

5 - 4 to the locals. Shit hot. Cab home just about as plastered as my 200 new Brazilian mates. Quality.

I would travel the world to get the beers in here. Oh, I did.

Try one of these....

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