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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cristo in the red....

Anyone else seeing red?

As part of my effort to blend in with the commuting masses I grab a free paper each morning before I jump on the bus. This way I effortlessly blend in to the hoard as I leaf through the pages. Surely such a confident guy must be Brazilian, despite his over tall, over fair, booted and suited swagger (no, I havn´t got a limp - its a macho swagger)?

Anyway  whilst perusing the toxic propaganda filled pages of the ´metro´ (heh - 'spose that makes it quite simalar to a 'metro' I used to read!), I noticed  that to mark the occasion of 'World No Tobacco Day' yesterday, the powers that be changed the bulbs and Christ The Redeemer was bathed in red limelight for one night only.

Nice touch. And I'm told that the inspiration for this theatrical display had nothing to do with the slightly murkier red lights found in other parts of town.

Try one of these....

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