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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pre lesson apererif

The decor works... Trust me

Seeing as this must be my 10th trip or thereabouts, it's only fair to mention Real Kebab in Osorio Square. A fraction of the price of Belmonte next door and Somehow more alluring than Shenanigans across the way.

Anyhow, just got time for a tipple before I'm one step closer to speaking this mysterious toungue. If I get a shift on, I might slide in a cheeky couple. Then I might just be able to freestyle it without a teacher and head to the nearest debating society. Get in. I have such moments of genius with a beer in my hand. Join me anyone?

Posted from my mobile! Assuming I haven't been mugged.

Location:R. Gomes Carneiro,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

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