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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Keep it Informal...

Can you guess the dress code?

Now, I usually avoid chain restaurants, in favour of smaller, more intimate dining experiences. To be honest I enjoy the game of culinary Russian roulette. You might just uncover a hidden gem. On the otherhand you might get shot in the head with a dose of week-long botulism.

Last night we went for a chain place. No idea of the size of the chain. Its called 'Informal' on Nossa Senora de Copacabana. Just around the corner from my local (which I really must get around to writing about).

Anyhow, Informal was great. Honestly priced menu (mostly traditional Brazilian fare) And Antartica Original in fun-sized bottle (and by fun-sized I mean fun, not miserable and small - I call those ´no fun whatsoever sized´

We plummed for pasteis. How predictable.We chose a cozy little table for three overlooking the traffic jam and relaxed as afternoon turned into early evening and the unbridled psychotic aggression of the nearby motoristas subsided into mild anarchy. Ahhh.

A Botequim - Fun sized watering hole.

Try one of these....

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