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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dial out....

Nothing like Baba ghanoush on a motorbike
I know its unremarkable for most people, but I feel I should announce that we just ordered takeaway food online. This most basic pastime represents our Carioca coming of age. This was the first time we have embarked on any such mission without encountering a single obstacle.

We used disk cook, which provided a good list of local restaurants. Sure, you have to sign up here, enter all manner of personal details and generally faff about, but we are slowly getting used to all that. The main thing was the food arrived within the alloted time, it was what we ordered, and we didn't have to venture out in the pissing rain. Spot on.

So, what did we eat? We ate arabic, from the swanky place down on the seafront. We've always fancied giving it a try. Jill would love it! Would I disk cook again? Yep. Especially when pushing the buggy through a monsoon seems like being as much fun as punching yourself in the face.

Back in Brighton, we ordered internet pizza sometimes. It was always crap.

Try one of these....

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