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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bella Blu, Copacabana.

Itaipava was our Saturday  destination, so we went steady Friday night. We ventured along the road for pizza at Bella Blu. Good grief. Rodizio de Pizza means that an army of pizza wielding maniacs will keep appearing to fill your face until you start crying.

To be fair, the pizza is excellent (although I can´t say I eat that much of it) - it certainly makes pizza hut look a proper disgrace - Even if the one at Arpoador has valet parking, for crying out loud.

Just as the need to chunder my overindulgence around the place subsided, the army mobilised again and the sweet pizzas started their onslaught. I stuck to a bit of chocolate and about 15 degrees of banana and apple.

Incidentally, the sushi is also fantastic
We walked home too full to stop off at the Pavao Azul for a cheeky cold one. Serves me right really. Greedy git.

Try one of these....

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