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Monday, 14 February 2011

Whats That Got To Do With The Price Of Beer?

Now, with an 18 month old son in tow, it will come as no surprise that our beer drinking escapades have all been short. But thankfully, living in Copacabana, they have been many. Now, I can't talk about late night places yet, but here in Copacabana, there are at least a million ways of getting it down you. Any way up it comes ice ice cold.

Now as my Portuguese develops, I'll embarrass myself less (I hope) - for now I'll just have to explain it using my most familiar poor language skills. Here goes:

  1. Tinnies, cans - to be drunk everywhere, especially on the beach using a polystyrene hugger (are they called eskies?) - currently price ranges from R$2.50 from a news stand to R$4 served right into your hand as you lay on the beach burning yourself to a cinder wondering if you've (a) gatecrashed a supermodel convention. or (b) witnessed a Pat Butcher look-a-like trying to get away with wearing Bianca's bikini.
  2. Bottles - Now, longneck bottles are decidedly posh (and about R$5) - but the bottles I'm talking about (and currently my beer vehicle of choice) are a mighty 600ml. Now if there are two of you, or three, or five for that matter - just order one at a time. Avoid any British urge to cling on to your own drink like it was keeping you alive. Learn to share. Everyone gets a small glass, and everybody drinks beer quick - so it stays cold. When the beer is gone (and much like Mr Ben's Shopkeeper) - all of a sudden, another one appears. Magic. Oh, and each gargantuan bottle comes in at around R$4.50.
  3. Chopp. Draft beer. Quite posh - but been nonetheless and not to be sniffed at. And at R$5 a glass I find such blatant displays of oppulence frankly unnecessary.
Ok, thats beer far from covered, and no doubt a basis for further serious conversation.

Try one of these....

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