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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Getting Around 1 - The Metro...

File:Metro rio de janeiro.jpg

So far removed from our days in Sarf Landin. This is the Rio Metro. So far it has two lines and runs from Ipanema in the south to way way way up north. I´m told that it can be grim up north, but as i´ve not been there, I'm reserving judgement. Unlike so many scardey southerners I could mention back home. You know who you are.

Right - the metro. There is actually space - even at rush hour, and even though It really lacks a  'stand still on the left, run for your life on the right' unwritten law, it is positively dealable.

Just get your card from the ticket office - currently R$2.80 for a single, or buy a rechargeable on for R$10 and go for it. You're not gonna get mugged here. It just seems so safe. I'd love to hear from anyone that knows different. Right now i'd say that it was a good way of getting from A to B unscathed. (although, touch-wood we all remain skirmish free so far)

Anyone have a buggy? Then you can pretty much forget it. Some stations have lifts, most don't. So just make alternative arrangements. You can always try your luck with the wheelchair stair lifts, but to be honest they take aaaages, and if anyone in a wheelchair showed up while I took 20 minutes to get the buggy up the stairs, I'd be less than proud of myself.

So the verdict is: The Metro rocks, but don't bother with the buggy.

Try one of these....

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