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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

See You There! (erm... maybe)

We all love to catch up with our mates. Like most people, I miss the mates I've made along the way and don't see anymore. I especially hate it when couples I know go their separate ways and it becomes really awkward to socialise with one or other of them.

I also am guilty of being terrible at all things concerning my diary. I've tried everything from Gadgets to Journals to the Fridge Door to Google Big Brother to the Filofax to good old traditional pocketbook. It makes no difference how trendy organising myself seems to be, I'm bollocks at it.

Still, it turns out that here in the Cidade Maravihosa I might just have a modicum of licence when it comes to matters of the agenda. It seems that diary inaccuracies are not so uncommon in Carioca society either.

Before I go ahead and insult the Brazilians that might read my offerings, please allow me to point out that many of these tendencies have indeed been brought to my attention by Cariocas that (aside from being mates) should know better than to savagely betray their fellow countrymen with almost brit-like distain.

Anyway... here we go with a few appointment related Rio inspired observations:

  1.  If you make an appointment to see a doctor, don't assume it will happen at anything resembling the time you arranged, no matter how much you have to pay.
  2. If you're late for your doctor's appointment, its fair to assume you've missed it and the receptionist has the right to grunt and groan and bollock you.
  3. I you agree to meet someone 'at some point in the future' then this agreement is worth shag all.
  4. The next time you should chance to meet the person from (3) it is perfectly acceptable to, once again, 'meet at some point in the future'
  5. It is acceptable to invite up to 50 additional people to someone else's party, unless it is in their house, when a more modest 40 additional people is considered polite.
  6. It is fine to hug, kiss and generally be over excited about meeting someone for the second time, even if you have no idea who they are. Artistry lies in finding out their name without them noticing.
  7. It is ok to agree to do up to 8 things on the same evening and then do none of them.
  8. 'one for the road' - or a 'Saideira' means that to continue drinking for several hours is likely.

I'm sure I missed a couple, but I'm sure you get the idea.

I love it here. 

Try one of these....

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