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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Party Like You've never been two before....

Our little fella spends Monday to Friday at a local Creche, and as he and his toddling buddies approach the rip old age of two, we get the odd invite here and there. If we can go, we do. I honestly reckon that these events are reason enough to have kids. I really hope everyone gets to one sometime.

We just got home from one such occasion in the Sala de Festas at a building just around the corner. There were  good  handful of twoish kids along with assorted parents and family (older siblings, cousins and their mates) and their parents. A few waiters serving kids stuff and grown up stuff and a team of children's entertainers doing what they do. Don't forget the popcorn man and the woman looking after the trampoline.  Apart from them, it was pretty chilled out.

As far as our man went, the event ran from just before bedtime to head banging the fixtures and fittings in bewildered exhaustion. He had the time of his life. He bounced and hula-hooped and ate sugar for over 2 hours. What a fella. I got the beers in again. It really came as no surprise that the cold stuff was never more than a heartbeat away.

It was truly special to be part of this lovely celebration. Brazilians do so many things well, but the way they celebrate their kids probably tops the lot. Right, more beer before I get all loved up and over emotional.

Try one of these....

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