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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Me & Macca

the fab 3 (plus a buggy)

Well, when I say Paul McCartney, I mean a bloody good real life impression of him. So good infact, I felt like taking my shoes off and following him accross the nearest zebra crossing.

Beatlemania 40 something years on (and without the other three) has firmly established itself here. Paul is our new neighbour at the nearby Copacabana Palace Hotel, and he's doing a couple of gigs out in "Engenhão" tonight and tomorrow. To be honest, anyone would have thought that Mr Lennon himself had teamed up with Elvis to do a couple of numbers, - but it seems that Paul alone is worthy of this incredible hype.
I wonder if he had the same room Miley Cyrus had last week.....

Its 25 years since Paul played Rio - which really makes me feel old. I remember my grandma buying me the tape of the concert to put in my walkman. To be honest I reckon he'll hardly change the set list this time - if it aint broke and all that. 

Everybody here has been waiting for this moment for months and we stumbled upon a fair sized crowd staking out the hotel this morning. Oh to catch a glimpse of the legend as he polishes of his full english. I met one bloke who was the absolute spitting image of Paul in the Sgt Pepper era - tash and all. I mean it. People were lining up to get a photo. I joined them - he was decidedly amenable considering the number of randoms harassing him. Come to think of it, a twenty something Brasilian Paul McCartney doppelgånger deserves to be the subject of some mild harassment at least. 

Hope its a good gig - its R$180 - R$700 a ticket (68-260 quid!) - At that rate, I'd not only expect  Jude and Michelle and Prudence and Eleanor and Sadie and Sally and Anna and Martha and Madonna (to name but a few) - I'd also expect Nancy's phone number!

Oh for god's sake.

Try one of these....

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