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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mine's a Lage one!

Our Lovely Morning in Park Lage

Now check out this park... (click for a fancy map)

Quite the way to while away a morning! - We went last Saturday and our little fella is desperate to go exploring there again. Nooks, crannies, streams, a delightful little aquarium and even the odd monkey to make eyes at your picnic.

And its free! - I've been told that the more intrepid visitors can walk along the upward trails all the way to Christ the Redeemer. Might want to consider getting a guide for that though. Aside from the theiving bastards that might make off with your wallet, some of those cliffs look less than inviting.

Christ, he's a long way up.

We were sensible, we stayed in the bottom bit, with all of the art students, and cub scout orienteers, and hippy types taking their massage class. Oh yeah, and the armed guards. No kidding.

A great big tantric mutual back rubbing session. Brighton memories came flooding!

Try one of these....

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