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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Day The Fog Lifted

....aka 'The Day We Realised that having the CPF number merely heralded the beginning of the second wave of bureaucratic shenanigans....

What a stunner....

Well, no sooner than you could say Jack Robinson, I became a full-on tax paying, stoppages incurring, fee inducing, mobile phoning record breaker!! - No kidding - all that was missing was Norris  Mcwhirter to jump out from behind a bush and declare that I was infact latest champion in the battle to acquire the most pissing paperwork in the shortest possible time. Cue the trumpet player - dedication's what you need!

Heh, if Carlsberg did world records.... they'd be in Brazil

Would I give it all up and go back? Nah... lets face it - they're going to catch up with us all sooner or later, and to be honest, I'd rather go legit before a not wholly unlikely trip to casualty for the dive-bombing toddler costs us large.

Ok, part of going legit has been our health plan coming online too, and we now have a tome rather like the monstrosities I bought to compliment my university education, and forgot to ever open. To be honest it wasn't really the kind of education you'd be inclined to compliment.

The tome is like a phonebook of where we may or may not go should we require a man or woman in a white coat. Our plan is round about middle order - not too posh and not too shabby. At least I wont have to change my kecks if I'm ever admitted.

and...... watch this space 'cause I have a mobile again! So I'm going to and try an regail the virtual world with up to date pictures of my thrilling life. Surprisingly enough, its not proving that simple, so here's hoping that I manage to communicate with the operator somehow before I chuck my phone in the sea and just get pissed instead.

Incidentally - do text me if you want. I'm sure it will cost a fortune. +55 21 9993969

Try one of these....

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