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Friday, 25 March 2011

Peggy Lee ain`t got nothing on this....

never know how much I love you....

Yesterday the Dengue sprayer came around. Everything in Copacabana less than 4 metres tall has been liberally doused. I bloody hope it does the trick - here`s why.

This is Dengue season, and unlike carnival fever, were people generally lose control of their senses and doss around with festive abandon, Dengue Fever is a nasty bug transmitted by mosquitos and it can really do you in.

The mosquito in question lays its eggs in stagnant water (so best avoid bathing in mucky puddles for a while) - and likes to feed off people and not animals (so there is little point sending your pooch out as a decoy). Symptoms are pretty nasty, and at worst can be life threatening. Kids should be sleeping under mosquito nets at the moment `cause they like to feed on them first. Nice.

I remember with love our annual trip through France. I remember falling in rivers and climbing up trees. I remember waking up covered in a fresh collection of lumpy bites from the latest tent invading nasties. I certainly do not remember being held to ransome by an orrible mosquito, bent on giving me a really nasty dose for a week or two. Welcome to Brazil, I `spose.

On the bright side - nobody seems to be that stressed about it. It seems that what ever happens, we`re going to live.

Anyhow, if you happen to see a pissed-up mosquito flying along beachfront in copa - just swat it. Its probably the one that just bit me.

Try one of these....

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