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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Did I Mention I was a Musician?

It seems that in this most musical of places, gigs are hard to come by. All the best places shut years ago. All the players gave up as the big Venues became superclubs and the live bands were gradually forced into the smaller bars. The smaller bars stopped paying honest money as the punters became fickle and quartets became trios that became duos that split up.

Hey ho - sounds like pretty much anywhere else in the world then. I just reckon its musicans secret code for ´sort your own bloody gig out!´  Watch this space - I´m on a gig mission. Have horn, will play! - Or in the so well-used words of myself and so many of my dear friends from here to timbuctoo - You busy? Ah... Y´know, bit of teaching, bit of playing....

If the bloody racket on the beachfront this weekend was anything to go by then there´s plenty of giggage to be had. Just need to find the man with the right numbers. Oh, and then be able to understand what they are saying when I call. Oh, I need a phone to call too. Best nip back for that visa sharpish.

Right now my lamentable gig life was only ever worse when my Jaw was wired closed. Back when I respected him, our one time premier stole the d-ream anthem ´things can only get better´ - right now I´m going to steal it from him (he doesn´t deserve it anyway) and adopt it as my own. Gig-wise at least, things could definitely not get worse.

I´ve never been opposed to a bit of busking either.

Try one of these....

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