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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Big Din at Posto Seis

So today (Sunday) we decided to try out one of these bloco occasions. This one was down at posto 6. (now the postos are the council amenity blocks spread out over the length of the beachfront) - Pretty handy too, seeing as none of the drinking establishments have a loo. Now I don't know about anybody else, but getting stuck in to the cold stuff with no possibility of a waz kind of takes some of the fun out of the whole thing. So, once again Rio - you have it covered. If I ever wore one, I'd take my hat off.

Right, a bloco, it appears is any local community, or 'block - I suppose it follows that we belong to one, but to be honest i'm really not sure. One thing that is certain that our bloco is gonna have to seriously pull its finger out if its going to hold a candle to posto 6. For a start, I reckon mobile PA systems capable of doing strucural damage in a 5 mile exclusion zone are few and far between. They must have booked it with some considerable advance notice.

The first float went along the front at about 11am - a lively affair with a band doing its thing as a modest crowd tagged along, all in matching t shirts. Quite moving - especially as the whole message was anti drugs and all for clean living. Ok - I know I can be a bit soft, but when groups blast it loud and proud for all to hear it gets me every time.

Right, having endured Rio Sul Mall on Saturday, we are a two bikini family (both of them being hers of course - the old Granny one and the fancy new brazillian one). Well here's what happend - she went to do some work on her tan, and I pushed the buggy towards the loudest carnival float I have ever heard. What a laugh - and it was only the soundcheck. Usually when the bass drum starts thumping, I make myself scarce with the other horn players and wait for aaaages at a safe distance. But this spectacle was worth seeing. The band were miles in the air, and the trailer that was their stage was made entirely from speakers. Really big noisy ones. 

70 year old bloke were buying vodka ice poles and beer was on sale wherever you looked. This hour or so at the start line was a sort of drinking/snacking warm up to an alternative olympic event.

And then we were off - without any warning the band was banging and all of the hats and t shirts erupted into a happy happy bloco party on the move.

We tagged along for a bit and then retreated a couple of blocks inland - it was still deafening, and the waiter who looked after us while we had lunch knew all the words to the tunes that were playing a light year away. Maybe they turned it up just for him.

Carnival, I'm told makes all this seem like a parish garden party. Hmmm...

Try one of these....

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